Spurs starting to slip into less comfortable shoes…

So it’s been a quite a North London honeymoon for Mauricio Pochettino hasn’t it.

In fact since he took the reigns at rudderless Spurs he’s been heralded as the man the big teams wish they had, the saviour of young English Football talent and a manager who relentlessly improves those around him.

Given support by a ruthless Chairman in Daniel Levy and chancing upon some serious luck as the once ugliest of ducklings Harry Kane turned into a swan of galatico proportions then Poch’ and his Spurs have almost won trophies. The word almost is what’s starting to grate and in his toughest season yet it’s a flag being waved at perhaps it’s unfairest of times for the Argentinian maestro.

Some considered Spurs title contenders this season. That was way off the expectations of any seasoned Tottenham Hotspur fan however. Some then considered Spurs would struggle to compete in a horrible looking Champions League group and as the Tottenham Hotspur trends like to go, some were wrong again.

Tottenham and Poch’ have had chances to win the League over the past couple of seasons. The lack of some financial muscle though has held them back, a small stadium doesn’t bring in the financial fire power to buy title securing players pre-season or when they were needed most, in the tussle with Leicester, in a January window.

Tottenham have had to play the waiting game and whilst they’ve had great success with the likes of Alli, Dier, Walker and Rose for a combined fee of about 8 quid there have been some massive cock ups, ones that can’t be papered over like they can at a Manchester Utd or a Man City, even dare it be said, at the Arsenal. Throw a Jansen, Soldado, Paulinho ( yes Barca’s Paulinho ), Sissoko and then hark back to a Rebrov or a Darren Bent into the mix and you’ve got Stoke’s misfits and mishits, not Tottenham staring at you.

So no trophy looks likely this year – the realities of being a bit behind the big clubs is clearer than ever as the muddy waters of “spurs might win the league” of the past two seasons clear way. It’s Poch’s ethos ( which means he doesn’t win anything but goes close ) and Tottenham’s seemingly Wembley led woes are more talked about than the great white hopes of North London are considered hopes any longer.

As the shoes of contenders get less comfortable, morphing into top 6 team loafers, then the true challenge starts now. Upon entry to a new stadium, a thousand more seats than the similarly success starved neighbours have then Spurs can no longer hide behind a wage structure and a financial stability. Players will need the big contracts, bids of 50/100m will have to be made for marquee signings rather than profile future money makers at the 20/30m bracket.

Can Poch’ step up, does Levy have the patience?

The answer to both is probably yes but they can’t do it yet, they must have the new stadium, the players must be patient for it to come and the fans need to chirp down whilst the media ramp up short term failings this season.

After all that they will probably win the Champions League and Kane and Poch’ will both head to Madrid with crowns on their heads but if they don’t and more importantly if they don’t keep a spot in the elite competition next year then the powers that be face a moment in Tottenham’s history that changes everything.

Hold it together for one more year and it can happen, allow it to slip away and the timing of the birth of the Premier League which haunted a jaded Spurs outfit for so long will seem like a sweet spot in comparison to the crash from where they now sit.

It’s going to be an uncomfortable watch, but potentially worth every moment of concern for Spurs fans if it goes to plan.




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